Custom Card Galleries

Create here or upload your own custom created Netrunner cards for others to critique and rate!

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Deckname Generator

Using the latest and greatest deck naming technology this tool will generate random deck names for your decks.

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Fantasy Draft

For various large events during the year, we will be hosting fantasy drafts where people choose their teams of competitors and get scored based on how those competitors finish.

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Ice Analyzer

A quick and easy tool for comparing break costs on various ice breakers vs ice. Due to the size and nature of this script, it opens on it's own page offsite. More improvements and updates are coming soon!

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Netrunner Drafting Pods

Join a group with friends or strangers and draft various netrunner formats including Snake Drafting and Cube Drafting then create your decks and play on Jinteki or in person.

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Personal Workshop

Show off your custom Netrunner work, including artwork, custom created tokens, click trackers, anything!

Credit to SCD for the name!

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Webminster Project

The Webminster Project began as a way to make information about the original Netrunner CCG more accessible to the public. Some time ago, the website was taken offline, and with it went a library of information, decklists, forums and card images from the game. This information is still available but not easy to find spread across the internet. With the help of several Android: Netrunner community members, including Alex (@internet) and Zach Cavis (who has been a huge fountain of links and information!), this project has commenced in order to bring together a database for the original Netrunner card game.

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