King of Servers 2018 - The Bloody End

Welcome back for King of Servers, Worlds 2018, the premier 4 person team tournament that everyone loves, brought to you by the ANRPC and Seedy Location. Come to defeat some of your fave/least fave Runners and Corps, in a new location. The venue for our hacktivist get-together will be at the Fantasy Flight Game Centre (FFG GC). Registration will begin at 10A on Thursday, September 6th, 2018, and the cards will drop at 11A (or as soon as we have everyone registered after 11A).

Tournament Details

This is a team tournament. Teams of four can submit their team name and members starting Tuesday, July 3rd, at 11A CST (GMT - 5;). There is a space cap of 56 teams. The team must represent all seven main Netrunner factions between their team, with the 8th faction being a Runner ID that is not going to be a duplicate on the team. If you wish to play a minifaction Runner, they can substitute for any Runner faction. Whatever MWL is in effect at the time of the tournament will be legal, as will rotation be in effect.

The teammates will then play together, playing in a 5 round Swiss tournament. Teams will be paired according to Swiss rules, with teams of like total prestige facing off. Players in the matchups will then be seated in order of their individual prestige, so the highest prestige player on a team will play the highest prestige player on the opposing team, and so forth for the remaining three players. Table talk during the games will be fully allowed between teammates and their opponents. This is meant to be more fun and in the spirit of the event than downright piloting and direction. If one feels that there’s too much banter, and that their game is being too hampered and slowed by the table talk, they may call a judge to observe and/or give a warning.

Rounds will be 65 minutes. When time is called, the current turn is finished, and the other player gets one full turn. There will be NO table talk, from teammates nor observers, during the last 5 minutes of the round, to allow for more concentration by those left alive.

Fees and Prizes

Entry fees are $15 per person, to cover a variety of costs, including the venue, prizes (and the artists creating said prize art), streaming, etc. All will receive some participation prizes. Fourth, fifth, and sixth place will receive their entry fees back, and the top three teams will receive a split of the remainder of the pool.

As always, dice will be for sale for $2 each. We have black, white, and orange this year. In addition, we will have some leftover red PSI fidget spinners for sale for $4 each. The sales of these items help me to recoup costs, and are fun.

Food and Drink

The FFG GC has a strict no outside food/drink policy, including food trucks, so we sadly will not be having a repeat visit from the World Street Kitchen, and no bartending from Rob (ROB ROB ROB ROB!). Like any other tournament you attend at the FFG GC, you will either have to eat/drink what they serve, or go off-site.

Additional Info

Tentatively, the relentless "Dodgepong" will stream. I believe fan fave "ctz" will commentate, and a seat is saved for "Sotomatic", if he’s coming. If any one else wishes to stream, they are welcome.

I am planning on running the tournament on this year. Hopefully, that makes it easier for people to check round pairings and standings.

(Flyer image was an homage to this image.)

If there are any questions, please post them in this thread. Thanks, and good luck!