Player Profile - Abram Jopp
Player Name
Abram Jopp
Also Known As
"Skilled Netrunner players are few and far between. Ingenious deckbuilders, all the more rarer. You know you've unearthed a true gem when you stumble across both wrapped in one package, with the heart for contributing to the community to boot. An inspiration to many, TheBigBoy (Abram Jopp) is prolific in the Netrunner scene, most notably for authoring articles on his blog Run the Net. His understanding of gameplay fundamentals and strategies is unparalleled; beyond that, he is able to capture these thoughts eloquently in his articles, providing a valuable resource to the Netrunner community as a whole. His deck ideas are novel yet powerful, a rather uncommon combination due to the sheer difficulty of building a solid, tournament-worthy deck from scratch.

In 2016, Abram proved to be the single most influential player in shaping both the competitive and online metagame. He published decklists with corresponding articles for what were soon to be the most prevalent archetypes of the day: Dumblefork and TempoTag (Controlling the Message), the latter of which dominated Worlds 2016. Furthermore, his brainchild decks Sleeper Hold and Clickbait were played by many, their popularity evidenced by Abram's multiple features on NetrunnerDB's Decklist of the Week. In the same year, Abram published a set of teaching/learning decks, educating newer Netrunner players at large of basic piloting and deckbuilding techniques. This was a unique service to our vibrant community by making entry to the competitive foray more accessible for less experienced players.

Between his masterminding of the meta and contributions to the community, Abram is my prime choice for an individual that deserves much appreciation, proving that great talent can be found outside of stellar tournament placings." --beyoken