Player Profile - Dave Hoyland
Player Name
Dave Hoyland
Also Known As
"The Dark Lord of netrunner, his reputation as a fearsome player precedes him. He is a 3-time top 8 Worlds competitor (one of only 2 people to do so), 2014 UK national champion (never finished lower than 5th between 2014-2016!), 3-time UK regional winner, and King of Servers winner 2015.

His impact on the competitive community is not to be understated, either. A sole traveller to Worlds '14, he came back with a UK contingent of 13 in '15, and 26 in '16.

The Island has also appeared on numerous competitive podcasts, written improvement articles, and has stimulated the community with his off-meta competitive decks, most notably his Leela Endless Waltz deck which he took to 3rd at Worlds 2015. He is also responsible for the most famous netrunner play of all time, and the mental breakdown of Stephen Wooley in the process. His generosity with his time, advice, and donations in prize support has such an impact and presence in the UK community, and has resulted in it growing in strength to strength in a time when other Netrunner communities are shrinking. Embrace the power of the beanie and the rule of two; I am proud to nominate Cerberus to the ANR hall of fame."