Player Profile - Chris Hinkes
Player Name
Chris Hinkes
Also Known As
"Chris “Zeromus” Hinkes is the unofficial face of Jinteki kill decks. He has piloted a variation of Jinteki kill for every Worlds since 2013. He won the 2014 Cambridge Regional Championship, immortalizing the Personal Evolution Jinteki kill as “Cambridge” decks -- a term that was even used by Damon Stone during his term as Android: Netrunner designer. He has continued to evolve the archetype into the current “IG49” deck that took down the first North American Championships.

Chris ranked 3rd in the 2014 Canadian National Championship, won the 2015 King of Servers tournament and the 2016 Jinteki Elite Invitational. He was the top Adam player at the 2016 World Championship. He is also known for his Kit Vamp deck, designed one of the most successful Apex decks, which was on the 2015 King of Servers winning team, and helped bring Nexus Andy into the competitive spotlight. Chris is a fan favorite for repeatedly piloting original, off-beat decklists and consistently performing well in fields of netdecking tryhards."