Player Profile - Ben Ni
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Ben Ni
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Notable Finishes
Notable Finishes

2nd Place London Regional 2016
Top 16 UK Nationals 2016
Worlds 2016 – 2nd
Ben Ni almost fell into the dark clutches of the game that will not be named, but a chance encounter with some clown saved him from the dark side and turned him into a master hacker.

Ben has an astonishingly consistent record at Regionals with unusual off-meta decks that are keyed to exploit key weaknesses in the meta. He made the cut at the notoriously difficult London Regional three years in a row and at the UK Games expo regional. He famously made runner-up at Worlds in 2016, playing SYNC Boom! and DLR MaxX, taking current World Champ Chris Dyer to a nailbiting finish.

He is, however, most famous for his youtube channel which highlights new and exciting deck and deck/meta discussions. What started as a side project grew into one of the most popular Netrunner channels on youtube. His insightful analysis, honest candour, boundless energy and vibrant imagination. In this role, he has been an incredible ambassador for the game, exciting and enthusing. Ben Ni is the real hype man, and fully deserves a spot in the Netrunner Hall of Fame.