Player Profile - Alex White
Player Name
Alex White
Also Known As
vinegarymink, zacharyxylophone
Alex White burst on to the UK Netrunner scene in 2015, making a name for himself by winning multiple store championships and the Manchester Regionals. He went in to the 150 player UK Nationals that year as favourite, and justified that by finishing top of Swiss and sailing undefeated through the cut to become UK National Champion. Since then Alex has recorded a string of other notable tournament results, including being part of the winning team at King of Servers 2015 and a 6th placed finish at Worlds 2016. He's a rock solid tournament player, with an excellent grasp of the fundamentals of Netrunner and an ability to identify, understand, and perfect the most important matchups of any given meta.

While he's a formidable Netrunner player, the true mark of Alex's quality is his personality. He's probably and deservedly the most popular player in the UK, and nobody that you speak to would have a bad word to say about him. You could not ask for a more friendly, supportive, and inclusive member of the community.

Alex has also appeared on multiple podcasts and written several insightful articles about Netrunner strategy, culminating in his magnum opus, An Ode To Street Peddler. He's also one of the game's leading meme exponents, with a particular fondness for terrible alternative card names and dubious fashion choices.

Alex's deepest ambition is to give up his human existence and become an internet meme himself.