Player Profile - Alexis Spicer
Player Name
Alexis Spicer
Also Known As
Alexis "themeanlady" Spicer is an important cornerstone of the Netrunner community. In the broader community she's known for her work founding and managing the Women of Netrunner facebook group, is a fixture in various forums and chat centers and edits the Winning Agenda podcast. In her local Colorado meta, she's also an effective community organizer and booster.

She's set up and run many new player tournaments, procured or straight up created prize support for events using her varied and formidable design skills and even set up roadtrips to bring a Colorado presence to out of state regionals. Above all else however, Alexis is known for her commitment to Weyland, and can reliably be expected to pull out a new Argus brew at any point in time.

-Spenser Lee