Player Profile - Ben Torell
Player Name
Ben Torell
Also Known As
Ben, known for his unparalleled streaming work on PeachHack, is as cerebral an opponent as he is behind a streaming setup that would make any cyberpunk runner proud. He’s a rare type of player who can pilot a wide range of decks, and isn’t afraid to experiment. When you sit down across the table from him, you don’t know which way he’ll come at you.

He is a top 8 regional competitor and store championship winner. He was an early pioneer of Hayley with his “Stealth Replicayley” deck, built the "Angry Geist" deck that tore up the 2016 King of Servers, and terrorized our meta in eras gone by with N.E.A.R.P.A.D. He has also made big contributions to the Netrunner meta through data collection efforts that FFG relied on when crafting the MWL 1.1 after the Long Dark Days of Dumblefork.

Ben has worked hard to advance the game and community through the Slack chat, and by bringing us fantastic Netrunner content. He has enabled the global community a look at our (dare I say) very talented local meta, and has pushed the envelope on what makes quality content. I am proud to nominate Ben to the ANR Hall of Fame.