Player Profile - Dan Spinosa
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Dan Spinosa
Also Known As
Dan Spinosa, AKA CodeMarvelous, has a quite high reputation score on NetrunnerDB. Very high. Higher than anyone, pretty sure. And while that extremely large number itself is impressive, it is much more meaningful because of how it got there: For over three years, Dan has enriched the Netrunner community with his passion for the game and his enthusiasm to explore different deck archetypes and ideas.

Besides sharing a lot of himself on NetrunnerDB, his passion and dedication have also fueled excellent and prolific video content. Shining a spotlight on other deckbuilders, helping people explore how different decks tick, and streaming tournaments, Dan has been entertaining and educational to new and experienced players alike.

Dan has also been a pillar of the Delaware Netrunner community. His tireless organization, follow-up, and cheerleading have been invaluable to the health of a lovely local meta.

Dan is a wonderful friend, I am honored to know him, and I am happy that the Netrunner community has gotten to know him too.