Player Profile - Dan D'Argenio
Player Name
Dan D'Argenio
Also Known As
Notable Finishes
1st Philadelphia Regionals 2014
1st World Championships 2014
2nd Philadelphia Regionals 2015
1st Durham Regionals 2015
1st World Championships 2015
2nd Philadelphia Regionals 2016
1st Connecticut Regionals 2016
1st New York Regionals 2016
1st North American Championships 2016
1st team King of Servers 2016 (tripping balls)
Greatest of All Time
"Intuitive, passionate, and sincere. These are the core values that one would associate with Dan D’Argenio. With a closet that has more trophies than sleeves on shirts, there’s no more reason why Dan is revered as a playing force. Two World Championships, a North American Nationals, and multiple Regionals under his belt, he is the most acclaimed Netrunner player to have hit the scene. His merits do not stop there; unlike any other World Champion who has graced the top, he is the only Champion who has consistently given back to the community and maintained a level of community unlike any other. From Stimhack, the original hub for Netrunner discussion, to international tournaments that have rallied all the metas into a worldwide online battle royale, there is no single individual, less company, who has shown their dedication and passion for the game and players.

Beyond the achievements and contribution, Dan is a individual that you can be proud to call your friend. At all events, Dan never forgets to have fun and be inclusive of everyone who is there. Whether you’ve met him at 3 Worlds, or just one Game Night Kit, Dan is always ready to have a laugh with you while being unafraid to share you his frank opinion if needed. Dan’s frank nature comes from his sincerity and caring nature about others; he cares not for deceit or lies but rather that you benefit from the hard truth. He can be seen post game, at a Worlds level, yelling to opponents such as Lucas Li “You should’ve ran the server!”, giving a play by play of the most optimal movements in hopes of future growth of players.

Dan represents many qualities of a Hall Of Fame player: notorious cat lover, connoisseur of cheese plates, and player unlikely thought to have the widest vocabulary in the room (arboreal 4). I’m proud to call him my friend and World Champion." -d1en