Player Profile - Kenny Deakins
Player Name
Kenny Deakins
Also Known As
Kenny Deakins (simonmoon) may well be the perfect Netrunner player. He has stunning good looks, great skill and... wait, I think that's actually Alex White! Kenny is just a better Netrunner player.

Not only is he a top class player with multiple high profile wins and finishes, he is a great deck builder often bringing back old deck archetypes with updates because they are right in the current meta. That ability to judge the meta and make the right call is something that only the best do and Kenny has that.

He is also great for the community; in general, Kenny is happy, friendly and welcoming, both in person and social media. He writes great articles for Stimhack, with extremely detailed analysis that benefits both new and experienced players alike by sharing his thought processes.

Kenny's notable finishes are: Top 16 Euros 2017. 2nd Gencon 2016 (where his deck recommendation basically carried Dan D to the win), Philly Regionals Winner 2016, SHL3 Winner.

He is a top member of Team Dog! As I said, the total package. Kenny Deakins deserves to be in the Hall of Fame!

- Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland