Player Profile - Cedric Bertolini
Player Name
Cedric Bertolini
Also Known As
Cedric is best known to all in the Android: Netrunner (ANR) community as 'Alsciende'. Many may even be unaware of his online handle. However, an ANR player would have to be living without the internet to be ignorant of his amazing contribution to the ANR community. That would be the website (NRDB). This tool is the preeminent website for ANR decks.

NRDB has moved beyond just a deckbuilding and storage tool, to become more. The Deck of the Week, liking/favourite-ing of decks, commentary on decks, card reviews, and more have lent quite the social aspect to the platform. ANCUR rulings have been attached to cards, making the site a place to quickly find any official or unofficial rulings on a particular card quickly. Deck sharing has become a quick, easy task, and exporting to has even been made easier within the site.

NRDB is an invaluable tool, and Alsciende is solely to thank. His tool is a very clean site, quite useful, and is generally beloved by the community (and not just ours; A Game of Thrones LCG has copied the site, and L5R may not be far behind). For having created and supported such an important part of the game for so long, we are quite pleased to induct Alsciende as an initial Honorary Member of the Hall of Fame.