Player Profile - Konstantine Thoukydides
Player Name
Konstantine Thoukydides
Also Known As
Konstantine, aka Divided By Zero, aka db0, was a key member to two LCGs early in their life, Android: Netrunner (ANR) and Doomtown Reloaded, wearing different hats in both games. db0 was a crucial part of ANR's early growth and existence online. Konstantine was tireless in his development and support of the game on the OCTGN engine, nigh single-handedly keeping the platform up-to-date. Many players credit OCTGN for their growth, interest, and playskill in the game's early years, and db0 was the reason for that.

Not only was db0 an OCTGN guru, he also was known for some interesting archetypes and thoughts on the game. His Untrashable Replicating Perfection and Homeless Kasparov 'Street Chess' Exile builds were quite well known at the time, and a glimpse into the fascinating mind behind ANR on OCTGN.

ANR thrived in its early years, for many reason, and Konstantine was responsible for a large part of that. We are proud to note him as an Honorary Hall of Fame member for his invaluable contributions to the game.