Player Profile - Lukas Litzsinger
Player Name
Lukas Litzsinger
The godfather and creator of Android: Netrunner (ANR), without him, there would not be a Hall of Fame, let along an existing game to play and obsess about. Lukas was a great shepherd for the game, bringing many concepts and cards from original Netrunner into ANR, while seamlessly integrating them into a card game built for modern audiences. The Core Set remains full of strong, relevant cards, a beautiful initial product to start a long running game with.

Lukas also had roles outside of design. He was an active developer of the game, and worked hand in glove with the story team, helping to meld the rich theme of the Android universe mechanically with the cards. He was also very responsive on Twitter, providing many quick answers that led to ANCUR and the UFAQ being birthed.

Lukas Litzsinger is the primary reason ANR is one of the best living or collectible card games ever made. For that reason, among many others listed, he is an Honorary Inductee into the ANR Hall of Fame.