Player Profile - Jacob Morris
Player Name
Jacob Morris
Also Known As
"The world needs historians, collectors of knowledge, and people who can organize well. For ANR, Jacob Morris provides all 3 of those traits. The owner of Project ANCUR, the unofficial Netrunner Wikia, Jacob has been collecting many important pieces of Netrunner fact and fiction for years now. If you’re looking for a piece of data pack insert fiction, or an obscure ruling from an old Lukas tweet, it will be on ANCUR.

Jacob has also been a helpful tool to the community in other ways, being on podcasts, and helping to organize the scene in the Pacific Northwest, helping to lead to the U.S. National Championship being held in Seattle this year. Finally, Jacob has become one of the strongest conduits between FFG and the players, becoming an editor on the game itself; check your latest data pack’s credits for proof. His UFAQs have become a critical solution to immediate questions upon a pack’s release, something I don’t believe I have seen before in a game I played.

Also, dude’s hair is sick af. I’m super jelly." -spags