Player Profile - Chris Dyer
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Chris Dyer
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Notable Finishes
Ladies and Gentlemen. Chris Dyer; your 2016 World Champion.
"2016 was the year of Dyer. He didn’t just have a good year, in the most competitive meta in the world, Chris was able to completely dominate the field. He had regional finishes of 2/2/3/3rd, 5th at UK nationals, won the UK rankings final and became the champion of the world.

Chris has been a mainstay of the Netrunner scene since the beginning, finishing 2nd at the first ever UK nationals. He has a long history of success at games both playing, designing and testing.

Chris’s sharp mind and relaxed nature make him a pleasure to test and play with. A man with very strong opinions on crumpets, he is surely the most English person i know." - Laurie Poulter