Player Profile - Steven Wooley
Player Name
Steven Wooley
Notable Finishes
Worlds 2013 - 14th, 2014 - 36th, 2015 - 63rd
1st Colorado Regional 2014, ANRPC HAC 2015 Winner
"If there were another Netrunner who I wish I were, Steven Wooley is near the top of the list. One of the most chill players I’ve met, Wooley is a charismatic force, very willing to discuss the game at both its highest levels and low. But, wait, there’s more. Wooley is also a heck of a player, coming up with some intensely strong designs, being one of the most complete Anarch players through and through over the years. His Anatomy of Anarch (Reina Siphon) build brought orange back to the forefront, long before they were gifted heaps of fantastic cards that made orange running easy. He also was the brains behind what became entitled L4J, bringing Whizzard into the spotlight he never left, in early 2015.

Steven’s charm, intelligence, and effusive love of the game can be see on the many commentary tracks his Team Covenant videos have provided. His FFG Worlds play-by-play is some of the best seen, the joy and emotion radiant in his voice. Team Covenant also produces some of the finest tokens for the game, seen at most tournaments played.

Effortless enthusiasm, and just as effortless at growing a great beard, Steven is missed in the community, but his butter is spread over much gaming bread, and his absence is understandable." -spags