Player Profile - Minh Tran
Player Name
Minh Tran
Also Known As
Notable Finishes
Took PE to 2nd place at Worlds 2014.

Builder of the “Minh MaxX” deck that was undefeated at Worlds 2015. The deck was updated by Kenny and Dan to finish 1st and 2nd at Gen Con 2016, and by Ben Ni to finish 2nd at Worlds 2016.

Won some trophies and goodies at tournaments:

1st Store Championship Brussels, Belgium
1st Store Championship Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium
2nd Regionals Antwerp, Belgium
1st Regionals Geneva, Switzerland
Top 8 Belgian Nationals
2nd World Championship

2nd Store Championship Kortrijk, Belgium
1st Store Championship Hasselt, Belgium
Top 16 Stimhack Store Champion Invitational
4th Regionals Brussels, Belgium
3rd Regionals Leiden, Netherlands
1st Regionals Den Haag, Netherlands
2nd Regionals Hasselt, Belgium
Top 8 Belgian Nationals
13th World Championship

1st Store Championship Cambridge, United Kingdom
3rd Regionals Ghent, Belgium
Mihn built/runs/owns, the preeminent place to play Android: Netrunner online. This reason alone should earn him a place in the ANR Hall of Fame. It allows many to test decks, have fun, or play with friends, at any time, regardless of location. Many others have contributed to open source platform in support, and all should be commended for their contributions.

But, wait, there's more. Mihn was also a very strong ANR mind, nigh unreadable in a real-life tournament, especially in a pressure situation. His strong finishes are noted above, and are enough to put Mihn into the Hall of Fame, as well.

Being the double-threat that he is, we are proudly placing him in as an Honorary Hall of Fame member. (not that he needed it; both the public and Selection Committee votes had him in the top 6 in voting)