Player Profile - Dien Tran
Player Name
Dien Tran
Also Known As
Notable Finishes
Worlds finishes: 2014 - 38th, 2015 - 3rd in Swiss, 9th, 2016 - 8th in Swiss, 9th
Top 8 at Canadian Nationals 2014, 2015, 2016, 10th at GenCon Nationals 2016
1st Rochester Regionals 2015, 1st Ottawa Regionals 2016
Represented USA in Top Deck TEAM USA VS TEAM UK
"Despite a recent appearance selling his Scumlord skills to his neighbors to the south in the USA vs UK grudge match, Dien Tran has been the face of Canadian Netrunner since bursting onto the scene in 2014 with his first Store Championship win. He went on over the years to take down multiple regionals both in his native Ontario province as well as across the border in Rochester, establishing himself as the premiere player in his country as he made multiple worlds top16 cuts, taking down reigning two-time champion Dan D’Argenio in the final round of swiss in 2016.

Known for always having Wyldside in his opening hand, even when he has a 50-card deck, Dien is known for making his opponents feel bad with an unforgettable combination of tight technical play, unreasonably consistent good luck, and well-timed negative player experiences.

In addition to being a world-class player, Dien has been essential in holding together the incredibly tight-knit Toronto Netrunner scene as well as the global scene. He has put on fantastic streaming events of marathon online tournaments, providing expert commentary at the highest levels of play, even if he has been known to fall asleep at the wheel heading into the 17th hour of the 1st annual Stimhack Store Champion’s Invitational.

Always bringing a smile to the game even when the stakes are at their highest, Dien embodies the perfect combination of community, talent, and fun that makes Netrunner a game worth playing at the competitive level." -dan