Player Profile - Laurie Poulter
Player Name
Laurie Poulter
Also Known As
"In the first six days, God created the Earth and all the things on it. On the seventh day he did no work, because Laurie Poulter turned up and asked if he fancied a game of Netrunner.

There isn't a player, anywhere, who can match Laurie's enthusiasm and passion for the game. His feats of endurance and commitment are legendary; in 2015 he travelled the length and breadth of the UK to attend every single regional, bagging two second places and a win in the process. Give him the mere sniff of a tournament and he'll be there with a smile on his face. In a possible attempt to make sure he's got plenty of events to go to, he organised the UK Rankings System in 2016, a year long effort tracking the performance of every player in the country before arranging Lauriepalooza, an invitational final for the top 24 players. Not content with that, he's also taken on the running of BABW (the UK leg of the ANRPC) in 2017.

With the amount of games that he plays, it's maybe inevitable that Laurie has become a formidable player. He won the Greek National Championship in 2015, and was part of the top finishing team at King of Servers later that year. He has won a trail of store championships, GNKs and Regionals in every corner of the country. He is notorious for never refusing a game of Netrunner, and logged approximately 3,972 test games in the run up to Worlds 2016.

In 2016, Laurie was shocked to learn that a mongoose is not a type of bird." - Chris Dyer