Player Profile - Scott Pagliaroni
Player Name
Scott Pagliaroni
Also Known As
Notable Finishes
Worlds 2014 #1 Seed (9th place finish, 2013 Top 32, 2015 39th, 2016 47th.
Plugged In Tour - 3 second place finishes in one weekend (Mr. Endurance Challenge)
2015 Regional winner, 4 time Top 3 Regional finishes, ANRPC:GLC Founder, ANRPC Founder, KOS Founder
"Brash and outspoken, “Spags” as he is known to the masses is a veritable founding father in the Netrunner scene. Starting play from the re-launch of the game, Scott has been a dominating force at the table and online. He is a top collaborator of deck design and theory, being responsible for groundbreaking decks including Prepaid Kate and L4J Whiz (the father of Dumbleforks). Scott also served as a playtester for multiple cycles that did not include any cards you truly hate, I promise.

He is best known for a historic run at the Worlds 2014, piloting a Kate deck to the top seed. Playing eventual Runner Up Minh Tran in one of the most exciting and live viewed games of Netrunner ever, beating PE at the zero hour, while fully scouting Tran’s outstanding deck.

Scott now runs major operations for the ANRPC, those rare IDs you covet come from his hard work (amongst the talent of others). KOS is his creation, the greatest concept in competitive card games, the team format which creates the greatest and most diverse meta in all of Netrunner. And for one final vote of awesome, the guy cosplays from time to time as well, (see: Mr. Robot Worlds 2015). You know Scott is in a tournament when pairings post and you immediately hear someone bitching, “No, not Spags!”" -Aaron Andries