Player Profile - Jesse Marshall
Player Name
Jesse Marshall
Also Known As
Notable Finishes
Worlds finishes: 2014 Top 16, 2016 17th
Australian Nationals: 2014 Champion, 2016 2nd Place
Regionals: Melbourne Regional Champion 2017, Melbourne Regional Champion 2016, Adelaide Regional Champion 2014, Adelaide Regional 2nd Place 2015
"Ever since Jesse Marshall's debut in the world of Netrunner at the time of Creation and Control, he has been a tireless force in supporting the Netrunner scene in Melbourne, as well as venturing out all around Australia and creating content for the world to enjoy.

Along with Wilfy Horig and formerly Brian Holland, his work on the podcast The Winning Agenda remains on the forefront of the Netrunner landscape, especially regarding competitive play.

Notably, alongside his work for the podcast, he spent the time to organise the Australian branch of the ANRPC (the SANSAN), choosing to forgo entering the tournament series for which he would have been a strong favourite to focus on organisational duties.

As Australian National Champion in 2014, he achieved a top 16 finish at Worlds that year, putting Australian talent on the world stage. In 2016, he narrowly missed out on repeating this feat, finishing a heartbreaking 17th. He has driven the growth of the game in Melbourne and around the world and deserves your consideration for voting. " - Wilfy Horig ‘chaosjuggler’