Player Profile - Aaron Andries
Player Name
Aaron Andries
Also Known As
Notable Finishes
Worlds finishes: 2013 - Top 4, 2014 - 17th, 2015 - 75th, 2016 - 12th
2015 Regional winner, 2016 King of Servers 1st place team
"Not a hugely vocal player, but one that has been with ANR since its inception, Aaron has been a strong player, and a community contributor. Whenever you see me talk about something, whether it be a deck, or a strat, or something Netrunner-related, there’s a pretty strong chance that Aaron had a hand in it, or it was discussed with him.

Not only was Aaron the top Shaper at Worlds 2016 running a deck with Toolbox, but he successfully went 5-0 with Valencia at King of Servers 2016 without breaking a single subroutine all day. These plays are just an example of the diversity of the man I associate with the term ‘HB Traps’.

My sparring partner since 2012, a co-founder of the ANRPC, a former playtester, and a 3-time Worlds Top 17 (robbed in 2014) competitor, Aaron’s ANR background is why I nominate him for the ANR Hall of Fame." -spags