Hall of Fame Wave 2 Inductees by spags
After a few weeks of voting, the tallies are in, and the ANRPC HOF is proud to announce its Wave 2 inductees:

Aaron Andries
Alex White
Alexis Spicer
Ben Ni
Ben Torell
Dan Spinosa
Kenny Deakins

ANRPC HOF Wave 2 is Now Live by spags
Welcome to the 2nd Wave of voting for the ANRPC Hall of Fame!

Please feel free to welcome our new nominees, and scour their profiles for what their peers lovingly wrote about them. They all contributed to the game in significant ways, whether through community building, deck construction, tournament performance, social media, streaming and content creation, and more.

Voting will be open for two weeks roughly, and the six inductees will be noted then.

Thanks for participating, and enjoy!
Inaugural Voting Complete by Hermit
"The voting is in for the initial ANRPC ANR Hall of Fame (HOF). Before we get to the first class of inductees, let me start with four people who we decided should be auto-includes. They were all key contributors to the game's development, growth, and continuation. They should need no introduction, but, if you are unaware of their major contributions to ANR, please read the profiles for them on the link attached to this post.

Congratulations to these four for the past, present, and/or future ANR accomplishments. They are our first Honorary Members:

Cedric ‘Alsciende’ Bertolini
Lukas Litzsinger
Konstantine 'db0' Thoukydides
Mihn 'mtgred' Tran

We posted a list of 32 possible HOF candidates, and opened up voting to the public. We received over 250 public votes, and over 32 votes from our Selection Commitee. Voting was extremely tight, yet had a fair amount of consistency. The Venn diagram encompassing both voting parties had a large cross-section, with 10 people showing up in the top 12 of both polls. Two remaining members were very close in both. Chris Hinkes polled very highly with the Selection Commitee, and also did well with the public voters. Jesse Marshall was a fan favourite, and the public voting pushed him over the top into the 12th spot. (Mihn scored very well in both polls; since we moved him to an Honorary Inductee, it opened an additional spot.)

Below is the initial ANRPC ANR HOF class. Please, visit the HOF page, if you haven’t, and read up on their achievements, and what their peers wrote about them. Congratulations to them!

Abram 'thebigboy' Jopp
Chris 'nemamiah' Dyer
Chris 'zeromus' Hinkes
Dan 'mediohxcore' D'argenio
Dave 'cerberus' Hoyland
Dien 'd1en' Tran
Jacob 'jakodrako' Morris
Jesse Marshall
Laurie Poulter
Scott 'spags' Pagliaroni
Steven Wooley
Timmy 'tmoiynmwg' Wong

To the rest of the nominees, congratulations to you for being noted, and you will remain on the list. The second wave of voting will come before Worlds, with another list of new nominees added to the remaining list."