[Article] Welcome to EmergencyShutdown.Net
Posted By Hermit on Sep 05 2016

Welcome to EmergencyShutdown.Net! This article is just me outlining what goes on here and what will hopefully be going on in the near future.

[External Site] NRDB in Review Season 2 Premier! 8-22-16: Silver Bullet Kate
Posted By Hermit on Aug 25 2016

After a long break, NRDB in Review is BACK! Chill84 brings an in depth analysis of this weeks Deck of the Week on NetrunnerDB.com

[External Site] King of Servers Worlds 2016 Information
Posted By Hermit on Aug 24 2016

Information and registration for the King of Servers 2016 team netrunner tournament, put on by the ANRPC.

[External Site] 7 Things You Can Do To Get Better At Netrunner
Posted By Hermit on Aug 23 2016

Stimhack author Xenasis writes "The tips in this article are aimed to be applicable to most (if not all) decks, and I’ve tried to keep stuff like “play better cards/decks” out of here. This article isn’t about deck construction or deck choice. This article is about play decisions and matters pertaining to playing the game and not deckbuilding choices." Check it out!

[External Site] Recommended Teaching/Learning Decks
Posted By Hermit on Aug 23 2016

Abram Jopp (TheBigBoy) outlines several great decks for teaching/learning the game, including how to play them and tricks for each deck.

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