2019 NISEI World Championship Fantasy Draft

Welcome to the 2019 NISEI World Championship Fantasy Draft! The premier fantasy draft for the Android: Netrunner World Championships!

You have 20 credits to select players and build a Fantasy Netrunner team. Your team must be exactly five players. Not all 20 credits must be spent. At the end of the tournament, players are scored based on their performance according to the scoring system below. For 2019 Worlds, scores will only be tallied from the final sheet.

Final Scoring

Champion - 100 Points
2nd Place - 93 Points
3rd-4th Place - 85 Points
5th-8th Place - 78 Points
9th-16th Place - 70 Points
17th-20th Place - 60 Points
Each Place Below 20th is -1 Point - Example: 21st Place = 59 Points, 50th = 30 Points
79th-80th - 1 Point